By Patricia • Family • 7 Sep 2012


The end of this summer brought about a few family gatherings. They involved laughter, tickling and nose kisses from mica.


Also some special hugs, new opportunities to get ahead on school work and creative ways to cool down in the scorching heat.


There was also plenty of father/son bonding, which always melts me to the core. It’s amazing how much Phoenix loves his daddy and their rough-housing games, which make me cringe just a bit when I think about what a fragile 11 month old he is compared to his giant 6 foot father.


My son and I have our own ways of bonding which mainly consist of a lot of cuddling, nose rubbing and pointing at tiny things.


Another reunion took place when my aunt and cousin came to visit from Germany. Sofia absolutely loves my cousin and was very “patiently” waiting for his arrival at the park, hopping on the stones to pass the time. This was met by fits of hysterical giggles from Phoenix who was watching and dreaming of the day when he too would be able to jump around like his big sister.


While we waited and waited, and waited some more, super-daddy turned my sweet little cuddle-bug into super-baby. These are probably among some of my favourite pictures.

Sofia and I also used this free time to practice Phoenix’s walking.


Before we knew it, the guests of the hour finally arrived, leading to much exploring, laughing, more skipping and happiness all around.



And of course, I will end this post with some food pictures which I clearly take way too many of.


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  1. aneta

    Hello angela,hello Ioan! Omg Earnest is throwing Phoenix in the air! Isnt he afraid? Eric is very scared!

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