The Christmas Tree

By Patricia • Family • 4 Dec 2012


Let me just start this post by saying that if you don’t enjoy an excessive amount of pictures of Phoenix, this isn’t the post for you. I think I may overdone it a bit this time. Anyways, now that you have been warned you may continue at your own risk.

About a week ago, we went tree hunting shopping for our Christmas tree. We found a beautiful tree at an incredible price, squeezed it in between the kids’ seat with the tips sticking out over my head while I was hunched over trying to drive (I wish I would’ve had my camera for that moment) and brought it home. What followed is the extreme and utter fascination that Phoenix experienced when seeing this tree.


Sofia also managed to get into a few pictures, all dressed up for our traditional cookie baking and hot chocolate making ritual that we have while decorating our tree.



This was one of his many lessons that I’ve appointed myself to give him in “tree petting”. He is actually getting quite good at it. I’ve tried teaching him how to smell the tree, but while he makes the sniffing noises perfectly, he doesn’t understand the difference between smelling and eating. 



Ernest tried to trim the top of the tree off since it was squished into the ceiling (I think he just couldn’t stand the thought of anything being taller than he is ;) ), while Phoenix tried to climb on and give him a hand.


When the tree was all trimmed up, it was time to clean up.


We made our traditional Christmas shaped cookies, white hot chocolate and some delicious hot wine of course.



While Sofia and Ernest finished decorating the tree, I worked on my knitting and enjoyed the warmth of the Christmas lights, which our outdated-dropped-too-many-times-and-chewed-on-by-2-babies camera does not do justice too.



Notice all the stringy shiny things hanging from the branches? I don’t know if it’s just me, but it reminds me of some type of swamp monster all dressed up for Christmas and ready to attack. Sofia insisted on having them ALL hanging on the tree though so my only hope is that Phoenix will slowly pull at them and the majority will disappear in the vacuum by the time our Christmas party rolls around or at least by Christmas eve.

May all your Christmas trees be as tacky as ours ;)

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3 Responses

  1. Asiye

    Amazing .. My Young crush is growing up .. so cute :) !

  2. aneta

    love the tree,we didnt put our tree yet,no time,and i would love to have a real one too ,but no space in this house,maybe in another house we”ll get a real one ,one day!!!!

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