Snowfall and Good Friends

By Patricia • Family Life • 10 Dec 2012


This past Saturday was the first snowfall of the season. It also happened to be the night of our first official Christmas party. We have wanted to throw a Christmas party since I first started school here but somehow it never happened, until this year. Since everyone in our university class is from a different county, we thought it would be cool if each of us made a traditional Christmas dish to bring for the party. Somehow or another, I forgot to take pictures of all the amazing dishes we had (I blame this on my husband and the delicious hot wine he served all night) but you can take my word for it, it was amazing.

Sofia and I started getting ready in the early morning and of course part of our preparation had to be painting special Christmas nails. Phoenix was entertained by some Baby Einstein videos while we cleaned and prepared everything.


In the midst of all the chaos, we realized that it started to snow. Our first thought was how perfect the timing of the first snowfall was. But as the snow started to quickly pile up in our yard we realized that there might be some issues involved with our guests reaching the front door. So my poor husband had to spend about an hour and a half shoveling the snow, while I had to hold down the fort and try to finish baking, cleaning and getting 2 kids ready.


Fortunately, due to the snow and the tardy nature of our friends, we had some extra time to be able to finish everything and for me to indulge in yet another Phoenix centered photo-shoot.


Seriously though, how could anyone resist this face? And with the bow-tie too!


He is just too much sometimes!



I tried to take some pictures together with him, but he was definitely not in the mood to share the spotlight.


And by this point, daddy was the only one he wanted to see. I love his pouty faces, he makes the same faces I did when I was a baby.


To take a quick break from the Phoenix obsession, here is the only food picture I took all night. I made white Christmas fudge and chocolate chip truffles.


Back to the photo-shoot – my husband wore his traditional holiday tie and if I may say so myself, was even more handsome than usual ;) And if anyone noticed my hair, my awesome friend Asia endured almost an hour of my “it’s-not-high-enough-tease-it-higher” complaining while she did an AMAZING job with my hair. Ernest was in charge of the hot wine station and let me just say that he made the best hot wine I’ve ever had. Even the germans thought it was better than the german hot wine they have, and if you don’t have german friends, take it from me that’s a huge compliment.


We managed to get a pretty good family picture for once, also thanks to Asia :)

And I’m guessing by now everyone is wondering if this was a Phoenix and Patricia only party? As in, where are the actual guests? Yes there were people at our party, 16 of them to be exact and although I did not take as many pictures of them as I do of Phoenix (really though can you blame me? just look at the bow-tie again!!), here are some of the best pictures of the night.



We did a Secret Santa game which turned out amazing, the gifts were funny/thoughtful and much appreciated by everyone.


My husband and I also managed to get a good picture together, at last.


Thanks honey for making a normal face for once.

The party was a huge success and will definitely be repeated in the next two years as we finish our last years together studying medicine.


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3 Responses

  1. ioan

    Well I’m glad you had a great time

  2. Asiye

    He is too amazing to resist seeing him you just wanna hug him and give him a cute kiss on his cute forehead ! hahah i was laughing when you wrote it was you and phoenix party only hahaha you both shined the most to be honest and you are more than welcome :D D! love you !^^

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