T – 5 Days!!

By Patricia • Family Life • 27 Jan 2013


Zapped. The best way I can put into words these first few weeks of 2013. I’m not sure if it’s due to this all too draining last flare-up, the coming of the exam session or the gloominess of the weather, but I feel like all my creative energy has been completely zapped. Every day has been a struggle to make it to the end of the day and collapse into bed. I am just glad to have made it to the final countdown with my sanity (somewhat) intact.

Let’s rewind a bit and see how the last few weeks have evolved. While some of us fought for sleep, for others however, the fight was against the clock and to give new meaning to the term early bird.


The mornings would then drag on while I studied upstairs until lunch with (mostly) minimal interruptions.


The rest of the time was spent in varying ways, from family fun outside to breaking up fights over…. well everything.

Our “pond” froze over which made for a very exciting ice rink for the kids.


I managed to finally pluck my eyebrows after weeks of falling behind in the “grooming” department ;)


Phoenix’s eyes have somehow managed to deepen into an even more beautiful blue, which in this case he used to try bribing his way into stealing the camera. The answer was of course “no”, and the result?


This face, which has become all too common in our house as it appears every time the word “no” is directed at those all too beautiful eyes. (Even when he cries he is still so cute!!!)


Since the massive amount of snow we got before Christmas had long melted and was not followed by anything more than a few transient “flurry storms”, we were afraid that our the kids’ sledding dreams for this season were long gone. However we had the surprise of an unexpected snow storm last week with just enough snow for some sledding action.








Fast forward to today, 3 exams done, one more to go, snow melted, spirits lifted, bags barely packed and most importantly, T -5 days until our much anticipated and desperately needed vacation to Costa Rica!!!

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2 Responses

  1. Asiye

    phoenix brushing his teeth <3 !
    And sofii and phoenix on the slide together is so cute ! good thing you enjoyed what i think the last snow before the Sunshine :D !

  2. mama i tata

    Piekna zima

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