A Little Pinch

By Patricia • Family Life • 9 Dec 2012


I’ve been telling Sofia for the past two weeks about the upcoming blood test she would have to go for. Since she was (naturally) scared about having it done for the first time, we promised her that afterwards she would basically get anything and everything she wanted. We made it sound so enticing that for the past week she bothered me every day about when she could go get “a tiny little pinch and have the doctors examine her blood”. The day finally came and the two of us, equipped with her special “blood taking outfit” went hand in hand to the clinic. As we waited for our turn to come, I went through the list of blood tests on her form and explained to her exactly what they were checking in her blood and what cells they would look at. She was so attentive and sweet as she waited for our turn to finally come. And how did she do?? Amazing, beyond amazing.

This picture was taken right after we left the clinic because I thought it was too weird to take pictures inside, but now I really wish I had. She was just so good, that even the nurse told her how proud she was and that she wished all the kids were that good. I held her in my lap and lab tech brought an extra nurse to hold her hand, which she didn’t even end up having to do. She whined for about a second when the needle first went in, then I told her that she could look if she wanted as the blood went into the little containers. She looked at the entire process, as I explained to her how beautiful her blood was and how great all the little cells inside were and what a good job they were doing taking care of her body. When we were done the ladies told her to take a little car on top of the lollipops they gave to the other children because they were so impressed with her.


I love this little lady so much.


Showing off her special band-aid.


We did a lot of fun filled things that day including wearing special dresses, parties, cakes, juice and yet another festive activity: Christmas nails.



She also got a special “winter dress” that she could wear when it’s colder outside.


Such a little fashion queen!!



We went to the mall to do some Christmas shopping and dropped Sofia off at Starbucks to hang out with her favourite girl Asia.




And in case anyone wonders why there are so few pictures of my husband? Well this is just one of the many faces I get when trying to take a nice picture of him.


Handsome? Beyond words.

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  1. Asiye

    I have seen that face for him while you trying to take pictures or when i am doing it for you guys i never knew he does it on purpose good to know thou next time i wont say am taking a picture :)

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