All My Loving

By Patricia • Family Life • 25 Aug 2012


Since Sofia was small, I used to sing her to sleep, nap time and bed time with the same song – All My Loving, by the Beatles. It has always been our song and to this day I still sing it to her before bed time or whenever she needs some extra comforting.

Well this morning around 5 am, we woke up to the sound of singing coming from Sofia and Phoenix’s room. Phoenix has been quite the handful at night, waking up atleast 3-4 times EVERY night, and usually having a very hard time going back to sleep. Sofia (whose bed is right across from his) usually sleeps through this, while Ernest or I try to put Phoenix back to bed. Most of the time we give up and bring him into our bed which doesn’t solve the problem anyways. ┬áSo back to 5 am this morning, when Phoenix woke up Sofia also woke up, went to his crib and started singing her own version of All My Loving which went something like this: “close your eyes and I kiss you, tomorrow I miss you, I hope your dream comes true, and when I am away I send my love to you.” She is just the sweetest sister anyone could have. And she wants to be “just like her mommy”. She definitely melts my heart.


And as for Phoenix, even though he’s going through a really annoying phase of sleeping at night, he’s still the sweetest cuddle bug in the world.


And after seeing how he fell asleep a few nights ago, it dawned on me that perhaps this might be why he has a hard time sleeping….


These children truly have all my loving.

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