Autumn Preparations

By Patricia • Family Life • 19 Sep 2012


This past week has completely taken us off guard. So many changes have occurred that have left little time for actual mental processing to take place. Hence the reason this post is more than a week past the date of the actual  pictures. To quickly bring you up to speed, I will spare any lengthy dialogue and add the pictures with minimal descriptions. Hopefully the next post will be more timely and allow for a more adequate description of events.

Sofia has been excited about the changing seasons ever since she realized that fall would bring about her second favourite holiday: Halloween. Since we’re clearly not the over-eager-listening-to-Christmas-carols-in-October type of people, we decided to wait until a month almost a month, before Halloween to carve our first pumpkin.



Phoenix kept himself entertained by experimenting with some raw pumpkin pulp.



However, he quickly realized that the hole inside the pumpkin was much more interesting to explore. And did I mention that since he has been walking for almost a month now by himself, he is impossible to keep up with? He is walking himself all over the place now and the only safety measure I have is the fact that he is very receptive to the word “no”. I know, I wouldn’t believe it without seeing it with my own eyes either, but trust me, this is one obedient child.


Believe it or not, Sofia actually picked this pumpkin design off the internet and we recreated it exactly as was in the picture.


We also decided to decorate the inside of our house to reflect the coming of my favourite season. And since I am a firm believer in decorating on a budget and my husband is a firm believer in decorating doing everything for free, our decorations were mainly things we picked up from walks or what we had around the house.


The tiny pumpkins were actually the only things we bought to complete our decor.



The kitchen also needed some fall warmth….





From our family to yours, we hope you have the spookiest fall yet!

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