Avoiding the Grinch

By Patricia • Family Life • 16 Dec 2012


The last week has been on the crazy side for us, to say the least. Personally I blame it all on the snow. It started the night of our Christmas party and the morning after, I walked downstairs to experience for the first time the feeling of being snowed in.


The snow was past knee high and kept falling for the days to come. Ernest started shoveling of course, also for days to come, and the kids tried not to drown in the white blanket that engulfed our entire yard.


Sofia has 4 years of snow-conquering experience under her belt, but poor Phoenix spent his (short) time outside in one of two ways – yelling at the snow and falling face down into it.




By the end, it seems that gravity had the final say.


We cuddled up inside and spent some quality time together to mark the beginning of my Christmas break.


And seeing how the snow didn’t let up, we decided that it would be a good time to visit the Christmas market in the centru and enjoy some hot wine (before noon nonetheless) and Hungarian cozonac.


Just a quick side-note here – can I point out that I have THE best looking family in the world? Just look at the picture above.


And these two best little buddies were better at going straight to my heart and keeping it warm than the scoldering hot (and oh-so-delicious) hot wine I was enjoying before noon ;)


Since we couldn’t spend all of our time out in the cold, we also had to come up with some fun activities to do inside. Sofia really wanted to go on a slide, so this was the best we could come up with.


It was a huge hit for the both of them!

I decided to try my hand at bread baking for the first time, and of course Phoenix couldn’t help himself but to cut, stab, poke and eventually eat it. And the bread turned out to be delicious, so now it seems that I am the official bread baker of the family.


To wrap up the week, Ernest and I thought it would be nice to have a movie and  dinner date night. Of course this had to begin after 19:30 when Phoenix was sleeping. The food and wine were amazing, we made a chili semolina pasta with pesto, olive oil, olives, and cherry tomatoes topped with fresh parmesan and paired it with a dry red French wine.


And the movie? The one that was supposed to follow the dinner and be in keeping with a romantic date night theme? Yeah that one ended up being When the Grinch Stole Christmas, watching it with Sofia, and both of us falling asleep before her.

Who says that romance dies once you have children? ;)

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4 Responses

  1. ioan

    Will wait for the days to come..

  2. Asiye

    Hahaha poor thing drop them at my place if you want no problem ! and you have an amazing family i agreee ! :D ! Wish you guys the very best and more !:D nice bread !

  3. aneta

    awwwww u guys got so much snow there!!!!! love the picts,u guys look awesome!!!!

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