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By Patricia • Family Life • 23 Aug 2012


Welcome to my blog!! After years of trying to tear myself away from the world of facebook, I have finally succeeded. And so a new creative outlet, as well as a way of staying in touch with family and friends, was needed. This will be my way of keeping everyone up to date on our daily shenanigans, a way for my husband and I to blog about the (usually) delicious “culinary” creations we dab into, a look into our crazy travelling adventures (complete with tips on travelling with children) and some random tidbits from my days of being a medical student. Mainly I want to remember these day to day experiences and have something to look back on once my children have grown up and left the nest. Or as Sofia likes to tell me all the time “But mama, I am almost an adult and I need to find my prince and get married so he can give me a baby.” I’m not going to write about the times I’ve cried picturing that day….

So back to the here and now. Since we got back from Paris we’ve been keeping pretty busy. My mornings start bright and early with a little help from our espresso machine.  

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I study until noon while Ernest takes care of the kids and after lunch we switch, he works until the evenings while the kids and I try our best to stay out of this insane heat. We’ve turned the garage into what we now call “Monkey Town” which so far has been a great hit for the kids. 

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We’ve also taken Sofia horse-back riding for the first time which she absolutely loved. I wish the barn was a bit closer to our house so we could take her more often but we’ve promised to take her as a reward for good behaviour as often as we can. page1


I’ve added a few more pictures below (click on them to make them bigger) of Sofia enjoying her first time riding. Phoenix also loved petting the horses and in general just seemed fascinated by them. On the way home we stopped at a huge winery located in the scenic country side and of course brought home some samples to try out.

In other news, Phoenix has recovered from his gastroenteritis quite nicely, although it was the scariest experience for me. This was the first time either of the kids had such a severe and long illness (for an entire week!) and the poor guy lost a lot of weight. He was also extremely lethargic and basically just laid in my arms all day (which of course I loved) but since he is usually an insane bundle of energy bouncing off the walls, this was rather scary. 

Once he was back to normal, Sofia and him found some creative ways to keep each other entertained during these hot summer days. Between pushing the laundry basket around….


…. and having some random “tea parties” while we re-arranged our new carpet in the living room.


Busy little bees they are, and us… well we are just trying to keep up!

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3 Responses

  1. Aneta

    Omg,Pheonix was sick?poor thing! Why?when?

    • Patricia

      Hey! You found me :) Your old email doesn’t work and I didn’t know how to get a hold of you. He got sick in Paris, maybe he got what Eric had? He threw up everything he ate for a week straight and he had diarrhea and fever also.

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