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By Patricia • Family Life • 23 Nov 2012


We decided to do home-made Christmas cards this year and send to our families.  I thought it would be a nice idea to take a family picture, somehow glue it into a card, have Sofia decorate it and mail it away. It sounds easy enough doesn’t it? Well by now I have learnt that NOTHING in our family is easy, especially taking a family picture. Most families only have problems with non-compliant children during photo shoots, I however also have a husband that hates taking pictures probably more than I love taking them – not a good combination.

And so we started this little photo shoot with a glass of wine and some warming up pictures to ease everyone in.


Phoenix was quite excited to take pictures at first , especially since he loves to look at the camera afterwards and see himself.


Sofia on the other hand, was not in the best of spirits. First she wanted to wear the antlers, then she wanted to wear one of the Santa hats that was too small for her, then we convinced her again to wear the antlers but now she wanted to wear them on her face. She was already pouting by this time so we knew a genuine smile was not in the cards from her.


Poor Gordy was also not very co-operative with his Santa hat which only served to attract more unwanted attention from his nemesis.



As you can see, my family was completely ecstatic about the Christmas picture.


We decided to start the actual photo shoot which went something like this….

Take 1: Phoenix trying to steal Gordy’s hat, Sofia trying to protect Gordy, Gordy trying to run away and my husband’s face being covered by reindeer antlers.


Take 2: Little devil at it again, Sofia’s face covered this time as well as Ernest’s, antlers falling off, and oh yeah – my face is just the cherry on top.


At this point, Phoenix decided it was time to take a break, climb into Gordy’s basket and cover himself with his blankets.


Take 3: Really Phoenix, REALLY?!

Take 4: I forgot to set the timer….


Take 5: SUCCESS!

However I will not reveal the last one since Sofia and I are making the Christmas card out of it and we don’t want to spoil the surprise!


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  1. Anita

    That one with Ernest and the kids is PRICELESS…although, I’m willing to pay $5 for it…

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