Best Friends

By Patricia • Family Life • 9 Sep 2012


They say that a dog is man’s best friend and most loyal companion. Well in our family, that statement is unquestionably true. Gordy has been passed down from generation to generation and still continues to be loyal to the end. Last week we took our first walk of the fall around our neighbourhood and of course brought our four-legged companion along.


Phoenix noticed that Gordy was running beside his stroller and realized very quickly that he was not happy with this arrangement.


We ignored his subtle hints at first and continued to enjoy our morning walk. Sofia insisted on bringing her polish book along and then collecting THE biggest rock she could find.


Soon enough we could no longer ignore the pointing, “arguing” and all too close to climbing out of the stroller attempts that Phoenix was initiating in order to get what he wanted. At 11 months old he already has an argumentative tone to make up for his lack in vocabulary and ultimately get his way.






Poor Gordy was a trooper the entire time and peacefully sat in Phoenix’s lap without as much as a whimper. Phoenix was also much gentler than Sofia had ever been at his age and the old chap really appreciated it.


Sofia continued to happily trek along with her book while I had to carry the giant rock that had all of sudden become “too big” for her “too tiny” hands.


But when your daughter is this sweet…. who could ever say no?


On the way back, Phoenix started to become a little more enthusiastic about showing his affection for Gordy.


Gordy continued to be his loyal companion, and Phoenix was almost able to fully restrain that tight pinch he practices on the back of my triceps. But the soft furriness of the dog’s ear was a hard temptation to fight….


Fortunately for Gordy, Phoenix has a good understanding of the word “no” and this potentially painful situation was quickly diffused.



Through the constant chasing, pinching and eye poking that poor Gordy endures on a daily basis from my son, he still manages to come back for more. I think that’s the stuff that best friends are made of.


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2 Responses

  1. Ioan

    Se pare ca Gordy il iubeste foarte mult pe Phoenix si probabil ei se si inteleg…

  2. aneta

    Awwwwwwwwwww,hello gordy!

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