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By Patricia • Family Life • 11 Sep 2012


This post was written by Phoenix…

Aright folks, I think it’s time we had a talk. There’s some issues I’d like to address on this fine morning….


I’ve noticed some things around here that I’m not so sure I like. I don’t know what this parenting gig is all about but it seems like you two don’t do very much of anything besides babbling some strange, high pitched sounds, completely ignoring my desires to stick things in the electrical sockets or letting me climb the stairs on my own and so on. If I don’t see some changes I might be forced to move out on my own.


And what’s this nonsense about carrying me around everywhere? I can walk by myself, see I got my own feet! Speaking of which I don’t think the old lady cleaned them very well this morning, smell them!


Hey put down that beer when I’m talking to you! Better yet, give me some of that, I’m getting bored with that white-iron-tasting liquid you stick in my bottle every night.


As for you old lady, I don’t think you’re good for much of anything these days. Kissing me all the time and changing my diapers, a monkey could do those things! And what happened to that delicious milk you used to give me from your boobies…


You know what I’m talking about don’t you old man? Those boobies were something else before….

Hey don’t stick things in my mouth to shut me up….


Oooh that’s rather yummy, let me have some more.


I said come here and feed me some more!


Ahhh sweet delicious food….. always makes my problems go away.






6 Responses

  1. Ioan

    haha Love them was Ernest or you? or both!?

  2. aneta

    Such a big beautiful boy!

  3. babcia i dziadzia

    Phoenix,you are better then movie “Who is talking now?”

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