Chasing Rainbows

By Patricia • Family Life, Vacation • 27 Jul 2013


I’ve been trying to finish and publish this post for over a week now and I have no idea where the lack of inspiration is coming from. Actually I might have a slight idea – moving. In exactly 5 days we are boarding a jumbo jet and flying across the ocean (once again) back to Europe, this time Poland to finish my medical school. The last ten days have been a whirlwind of packing, appointments, errands, packing, trips, get-togethers, packing and basically more packing. Trying to keep things somewhat calm and routine, squeezing in yoga, eating healthy, crafts, story time (X100) has proved very helpful yet energy draining in itself. I for one would be ecstatic to fast forward to August 31st, by which time we will be settled into our new home (which we have yet to find) and back to our old crazy normal rhythm ;) .

Now that I’ve properly excused myself for the tardiness, on with the post. Last week we had some errands in Toronto, and took a 2 day trip to Niagara Falls and the African Safari.


The kids were both great during the car ride there and on the way back.


We found a wonderful authentic Parisian creperie in the old town of Niagara, which we almost passed by thinking that it wouldn’t fit with our dietary needs (gluten-free, dairy-free). Ernest decided to go inside and ask, and lucky for us that he did because they were able to accommodate all of our needs with the most exceptional service and quality of food.



We stayed at a very decent, low budget hotel, close to the falls which was perfect for our needs.


Phoenix loved his first time at the falls!






Of course, Ernest and I (well mainly I) tried to take some pictures of ourselves, and of course they all failed as usual.


We did however manage to capture the rainbow in a (almost) perfect family photo.









The highlight for Sofia was the Ferris wheel which was actually fun for all four of us. We thought Phoenix might get frightened and throw one of his crazy temper tantrums on it, but he ended up loving it.


There was a mini golf course with an erupting volcano right beneath us. Can you guess what Phoenix did each time the fake hot lava emerged in a flame-like manner right before his eyes??


That’s right, he BLEW it out. He blew and he blew at the window as much as his tiny lungs could support.




In the end he was able to synchronize his blowing to the actual timing of the “fire” being extinguished, which led him to believe he had been successful in his tremendous blowing attempts ;) .


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  1. babcia i dziadzia

    Phoenix jest bardzo smieszny ze swoimi pomyslami

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