Closed for the Weekend

By Patricia • Family Life • 4 Apr 2013


The weekend is usually my time for picture editing and blog updating, so I was saving my next post for this upcoming weekend. However, my husband had this genius idea today that it would be amazing for all four of us to have a completely unplugged weekend. No computers, no internet, no movies, no tv (not that we even have one), no phones, no technology and no work. So what exactly is allowed? 100% pure unadulterated quality family time.

I did however want to post a few quick glimpses from the past week, which has been crazy to say the least, before the final shut down. Since I don’t have much time (it really has been crazy), I took some of my instagram shots – so please excuse the blurry low quality of my android.

Sofia decided the “pool” was open for business in Monkey Town, and what an exciting 20 minutes that was!


My morning activity of arts and crafts with the kids actually went perfectly (for once) and Phoenix absolutely loved his first time painting.


A typical outfit for my daughter, that she, of course put together. One word to describe her personality: eccentric.


My newest invention: Spiced Quinoa Apple-Carrot Breakfast Loaf (no flour, no sugar) with almond milk. I bake a batch that lasts almost the entire week and the kids love it.


Sofia learnt how to write (backwards for some reason) I <3 U. This is the editing she did on our picture.


Sofia playing doctor inside her tent and giving her poor brother a vaccine, which she had to emphasize to him on numerous occasions would be “with a very sharp needle and really painful”. I guess I should take notes on how to talk to my patients ;)


In honour of April 2nd being international Autism awareness day, Sofia and I painted our faces (supposed to be a blue puzzle piece) and wore blue for the day to spread awareness of autism. I went to the hospital like this, and yes I got many stares but was also able to educate quite a few people (my classmates nonetheless) on autism. 1 in 88 children are diagnosed every year.

Educate yourself


Phoenix and the watermelon…. the watermelon won.


I made my husband an amazing meal which ended with this amazing Mocha Molten Cake with raspberry gelato.


For once both children were asleep during the day, at the same time.


With that, I am ready to shut down the computers, turn off the phones and enjoy a peaceful weekend with the people I love the most. I hope everyone has a peaceful and serene weekend.


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  1. Asiya

    I hope you are having a great weekend miss you and the kids its a great idea!
    Love all the pictures as usual they say alot :)

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