European Halloween

By Patricia • Family • 17 Nov 2012


(Yes once again I am late on posting pictures, this was actually from 3 weeks ago.)

Halloween in Europe is not a standard tradition and so we had to have a “home-made” Halloween for the kids. Fortunately for us, we have some pretty great friends that were willing to help and make things slightly more realistic than they were last year when Ernest and I hid behind the bedroom doors and Sofia went back and forth between the two doors trick or treating for half an hour.

This year we had 4 people dress up – some more so than others – and the kids were able to receive candy upon performing some type of “tricks”. I guess my friends wanted some kind of entertainment in exchange for their services ;)


My husband actually had the best costume, dressed up as a nerd. I however was lacking in ideas and tried to dress up as a gold-digger/trophy wife or as Ernest put it – a cheap hooker.



Let the games begin!


Phoenix’s first Halloween experience went perfectly and he was able to keep up with his candy-hungry sister.



Of course the best part was the feast that was to be enjoyed after a long and cold night of trick-or-treating!

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  1. Anita

    That’s actually a good look for Ernest, he should stick with it all year around…

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