By Patricia • Interruptions • 16 Oct 2012


I know what everyone is wondering, what are we doing with all this free time? Well the answer is probably not something I want to write about on a public blog nor is it something anyone wants to read about. Instead I will sugar coat it with some beautiful pictures that make our life look much moreĀ glamorousĀ and happy than it really is at a time like this.

Home-made pizza is a must in the comfort food department. The tiny corner on the bottom left is Sofia’s pizza. And we’ve made a family bed that we sleep on together. That’s right, all….. 4…… of…… us.


Phoenix has been preparing for his Canadian Aviator magazine photo shoot.



We also tried to make ourselves useful by grooming the trees in the backyard. Phoenix was quite fond of his shovel.





We hiked around the pond for a bit while my cuddle bug carried his “cane” around like a 21st century explorer.





But the highlight of our days was ripping apart the pond Cattails and watching them be carried away by the wind.




Watching the wind blowing the seeds away made me realize two things.



One is the beauty and wonder that can be found in the small every day things. The type of beauty that only our children can remind us of. The kind of wonder that brings us back to our childhood days. I remember being a child, blowing dandelions and making wishes that I believed with all of my heart would come true – if I only wished hard enough.


The second is the uncertainty of it all. That even when you plan the direction you want things to go, sometimes the wind will blow you to places you never dreamed of being. In situations you never thought you’d have to face.



And ultimately you are left with the decisions of how you will deal with each of these situations. But even in the darkest of times, happiness can be found around the corner… if you look hard enough.





So what are you waiting for??


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  1. ioan

    am vrut sa scriu mai mult dragii mei… dar credetimati ca NU pot mie numai foarte dor de voi!!!!

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