Fall Fashion Show

By Patricia • Family Life • 15 Sep 2013


Things have been extremely busy for us this past week and once again I’ve fallen behind on the pictures I’ve been meaning to post. Ernest’s grandparents came to visit us for a few days, Phoenix has been having a terrible time with his sleeping patterns, Sofia is going through an “independent” phase and the weather here is terrible. I mean really terrible, cold, rainy, gloomy, and did I mention COLD? I’m starting to very much dread the coming winter months and the joint pain that comes with it. Thank goodness for our yoga practice to keep us balanced and at peace!

For my loyal followers, you may remember the spring fashion show post I did back in March. So of course we had to do another, equally important, fall fashion show. Without further ado, I give you the latest trends in the 2013 fall fashion of our family (aka Sofia)!

These first pictures were taken over two weeks ago when the weather was still above 15 C.


The beautiful dress is courtesy of Mexx via her best friends Bianca and Amelia, while her trusty rain boots are from her awesome babcia.





What’s a fashion show without our favourite brand, H&M of course! Sofia is showing off her beautiful fall outfit from her lovely Mica.


Hair accessories from her great grandmother, Mariora. The quality of some of these pictures is not the best since I took them with my IPhone.





This next picture was taken at the beautiful Botanical Park near our house.


Phoenix had his own fashion show in front of Sofia’s vanity. It seems that pink really is his colour and tiaras really bring out his eyes.



This next picture is a limited (one) time trend, and at the risk of my complete embarrassment allow me to first explain the story behind this occurrence. Sofia loves playing dress-up (obviously) and on this particular day she wanted to pretend that she was getting married. Her outfit was easy to put together, however a fitting groom was something we were short on. In her own words, daddy is too big, Phoenix is too small and I am a girl. Apparently changing my sex was the easiest way of solving this problem.


I have to say that I feel a very strange, and incredibly scary, resemblance to my dad looking at the picture above. And so I will end with quite a different look, my new fall hair colour.


Sending our love to our families and friends all over the world.

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3 Responses

  1. ioan

    You should have wait a little bit with the show… why? Just wait and see!!! hahah

  2. ewa

    Sofia to perfect modelka i meza ma tez niczego sobie, hahaha

  3. ciocia

    i love all your beautiful faces. although Mr. Patricia is scary.

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