Firsts and Lasts

By Patricia • Family Life • 6 Sep 2012


The past few weeks have marked some important milestones in our household….

First time eating chocolate.


Last time self-feeding an entire, juicy pear right after the floors had been washed.


First and Last time wearing a dress that I wore sometime back in the 80s, which is sadly way too small on her.



First documented family dinner at our dining room table.


First time making home-made pasta noodles (this was Ernest and Sofia’s hard work at hand.)


Last piece of my delicious upside-down plum cake (will add the recipe shortly, this was such an easy cake to make).


First time learning to brush his own hair.


Last exams of third year, which puts me officially in 4th year of medical school! Had to do some late night studying and yes there are two espresso cups because I have THE best husband in the world who allowed me to teach him about pathology and parasites in one fun filled night!


… and what kind of cliche study session would this have been without the late night ordering of pizza and cake, candles included of course, for the pretend birthday of Sofia who decided to join in the fun.


First time Sofia found Gordy a sanctuary from Phoenix’s prowling hands.


First and Last time this little devil got under the kitchen table.


First time Sofia and Phoenix managed to read together without fighting over the books.



And by far THE most important first milestone that we had, I have of course saved for last. Phoenix took his first FIVE steps all by himself towards Sofia! This was last week so that puts him at 11 months, which is basically the same age Sofia was. We were so shocked. He has been standing for a few months now and for the past month or so he has been able to take a full step alone without falling down but nothing more. And then all of a sudden, we were peacefully sitting around playing on the carpet when he went from standing next to me and walked over to Sofia. FIVE whole steps, all on his own. Sofia said it best “Oh look at him, I’m so proud of you!!” Of course as the irony would have it, we were not able to capture the actual moment on tape, only the happiness that followed this unforgettable first.

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4 Responses

  1. The Father

    I really like this post. I really need a hair cut. I really love you.
    Is Sofia trying to bite his hand off in that last picture?

  2. Anita

    Congrats little guy! I feel like I’ve been waiting for a post for DAYS, and finally it’s here. Hope you guys are well…

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