Grocery Shopping

By Patricia • Family Life • 30 Aug 2013


I’m sure everyone is dying to know what grocery shopping looks like in our family… or not. And since I’m leaning towards the not, I will spare you the boring pictures of the grocery store aisles, and instead show you what Phoenix and Ernest did while Sofia and I were busy shopping.

Phoenix got to live out his fascination with cars, up close and personal.




Notice the intensity in his eyes! At least we know he will be a focused driver one day ;)



And a careful one! Hopefully nothing like his two racing, daredevil, crazy driving grand fathers!!


What other shenanigans were these two up to? Apparently trying to woe the ladies with those beautiful blue eyes.




Who wouldn’t be completely charmed by this face


Hope everyone has a great long weekend!


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2 Responses

  1. micu

    How dare you calling me “…racing, daredevil, crazy driver…” don’t you know that I never ever drive past 30 km/h (with my bicycle!!!!!)?

  2. ewa

    Wyglada, ze Phoenix mial duzo zabawy na zakupach.Patricia, ale masz minusow u tescia,hahah

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