In Limbo

By Patricia • Interruptions • 8 Oct 2012


Recently I spoke to a friend who referred to our situation as being stuck in limbo.  I realized right away how accurate that phrase was and how close to home it hit as we sit here thousands of miles away from our home.

How exactly did we end up here? We went from the studying, reading, baking routines of our crazy cozy life…..


To crossing the ocean via a two point layover, 4 hour delay in the middle of the night with a stuffy nosed hysterical 1 year-old.


And landed right back to the home we left behind 3 years ago. Only this time it didn’t feel like home and no amount of sweaters and hats could take away the chilling shivers of reality. As we have no choice but to wait, we tried to get out of the house and keep busy. We took the kids to a pumpkin orchard for pumpkin picking and fresh apple pie.


And yes, Ernest and I have both had to borrow clothes from his parents as we were completely unprepared for the situation. Thank you in advance mom and dad.





We also went downtown to the outdoors market. Phoenix kept warm with a nice espresso cappuccino from Timmies.


And Sofia was quite pleased to offer baby-sitting services where ever they were required.



My husband is a miracle man, keeping us all together, staying strong and taking care of everything that is in his power. And for now we keep waiting for a way back home.


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