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By Patricia • Sofia • 21 Aug 2013


Sofia is the very heart of our family. She makes us laugh and melts our hearts with the infinite kindness that flows through her tiny heart. She loves to make people happy, whether it’s by telling “jokes”, drawing her beautiful pictures or getting you a blanket and making sure you’re all warm and cozy.

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She’s quick witted and smart, and the connections she makes sometimes just blow our minds. On that same note, she is incredibly stubborn and always wants to do things “her own way”. This includes everything from her eccentric dressing style, to doing her own yoga moves, to calling seat belts cookies. She’s very impatient and opinionated but if you take the time to really explain things to her she is willing to be incredibly reasonable.

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She loves to dance, practice her ballet (which she insists that she already knows and needs no practice), sing, play doctor, play with her babies, dress up in dresses and only dresses, watch movies and play games. One of her biggest wishes is that candy was healthy and would clean her teeth instead of a tooth brush.

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She is incredibly loving and incredibly sensitive and has a hard time dealing with anyone being mad at her or putting her in trouble. She’s a huge cry baby, incredibly whiny and knows how to use her pouty face to get what she wants.

She loves to bother love and annoy play with her brother and is especially good at taking care of him when he is sad by bringing him all his patchy patchies. She loves to learn but gets frustrated very easily when she doesn’t understand something. I see so much of myself in her that it’s scary, from all the sweet and intelligent things that she says to the way she “nags” her father for forgetting to flush the toilet.

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She is my best friend, my heart and my world. The very foundation that started our family, the glue that keeps us all together. And there are no words for how much we love our sweetest angel – Sofi bear.

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5 Responses

  1. ewa

    To jest cala moja wnusia.Piekne zdjecia

  2. asiya

    I miss her so very much and sounds like little Sofii is growing up . And yes some of the hibgs you said about her remind me of you :) which is amazing . Xoxo

  3. Ciocia

    She’s the best there is!

  4. Ciocia

    Can you ask Ernest to email mom the account name and password for explore net, she wants to check her internet usage to see if she needs a better package or not. Please and thanks!

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