One Breath at a Time

By Patricia • Family Life • 13 Jun 2013


I know it’s been well over a month since my last post and everyone is wondering what’s going on. And more importantly where are the pictures of the cute kids?

As I am still not ready to openly discuss the situation and since we are still incredibly unsure of the future – I will stick to posting more cute pictures of the kids ;) At the moment we are back in Canada where we’ve managed to create a little sanctuary in the apartment we lived in when Sofia was first born, above the garage of my in-laws beautiful home. I love the serenity of living out in the country, the quiet (almost eeriness of it all), the beauty that you can find in your own back yard.

The other day I was picking wild flowers for my dining room table when I stumbled upon this little guy emerging from it’s pupa. Sofia and I watched it emerge from it’s cocoon (as we mistakenly called it at the time) and Sofia was completely amazed by the empty “nest” it left behind. Unfortunately Phoenix was equally excited about petting it and ended up partially smashing it’s left wing. We left it on a tree branch in the hopes it would survive the storm that came later on that day, with only one wing.


These little creatures are hidden in a tree in front of our house and we’ve watched them grow from tiny eggs, hairless and almost scary alien-like varmints, into the spitting image of their mother within a matter of weeks. Their mother was actually quite the chirper and I don’t think she appreciated the constant paparazzi surrounding her babies. I’m proud to say that today these little fellows were big enough to fly out of their nests – which made me cringe just a little┬álot thinking about my own babies leaving their nest.


For now however, my baby boy is still fascinated by watching planes with his mommy in the front yard and his face lights up every time I point to one in the sky.


The Canadian geese have taken refugee in our backyard on the pond-lake (as I like to call it) and are using it for their bathing, sleeping, breeding and daily flying lessons as they see fit. I have to say that there is something completely awe-inspiring about watching a family of geese teaching their gosling how to soar across the world for the first time.


We also like to use the pond-lake for some not so primitive, boating lessons ourselves ;)



Sofia spends a lot of time on her new playground in the front yard which we positioned just close enough to her boyfriend Tyler’s house (the next door neighbour) to be able to come visit everyday. This present was courtesy of her babcia and dziadzia for her 5th birthday.


The weather has been crappy (to say the least), my health is at an all time low and we have no idea of what the future holds for us. But we do have the two most amazing and loving kids in the world, a beautiful and serene home nestled in the peaceful county, family ranging from right next door to across the world who is still rooting for us and supporting us through thick and thin, and a whole lot of love. So I keep on smiling and hoping for the future.


And did I mention the breathtaking sunsets over our pond-lake every night?


That’s something to smile about.

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  1. Asiya

    This post couldn’t have made me any happier ! i love reading your inspiring words , i don’t have to read between the lines to know that this person found harmony with in self .
    The Pictures and the place looks amazing, there’s nothing like waking up to breath fresh air every morning combined with love and peace . May every moment of every day of every year for ever you feel happy, peaceful , and loved.

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