By Patricia • Family Life • 16 Aug 2013


This post is about two weeks behind but here’s what our first week in the homeland looked like. We landed in Warsaw after a fairly smooth flight, with only a minor setback of the airlines having left the kids’ car seats back in Chicago. We were pleasantly surprised however to be given rental car seats until they would deliver ours once they landed in Poland (they actually delivered them to our house last week and picked up the ones they lent us, for free). So all in all, the Lot airlines were extremely accommodating and the plane itself was brand new, extra spacious and with extra strong alcohol on board. Na zdrowie! ;)

We spent a night in Warsaw and walked a bit in the downtown area near our hotel to see some of the local sights.





The city line from our hotel room.


The next day we came to our new city where we spent almost a week at an apartment hotel while searching for our new home. This week was pretty much horrible, as we were all fighting jet lag, my husband was in the middle of finishing a project, some of us got sick, we started running out of clean underwear and had a hard time finding things throughout our 6 luggages all while having to look at hundreds of places for a new home. We spent some time walking around and taking in the new city that will be our home for the year.


We were impressed by how much trees and greenery there is everywhere. Even the drive from Warsaw was filled with forests and trees throughout. The drivers seem just as crazy as in Romania but the roads and infrastructure are a lot better and more developed. There are actual highways and express ways outside the cities as well as throughout.




The city itself is fairly modern, with most of the buildings being new or newly refurbished. I also love the fact that it’s a very hilly city which as long as you’re not walking everywhere, makes for great scenery.

Oh and sometime in the midst of the moving and travelling, Phoenix learnt how to saw cheese when having his picture taken.


The kids loved spending time at the park of course, and once they got over the jet lag, went back to their usual shenanigans.






I absolutely love this picture of Sofia and I, that Ernest randomly captured.


I think it says a lot about our snazzy attitudes. I hope Poland is ready for these two divas! ;)


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  1. ioan

    da ai dreptate faina poza!

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