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By Patricia • Family • 23 Dec 2012


As we near the celebration of Christmas and the festivities of the holidays, I would like to share the progress we have made in the past few days. And by progress I mean the hair-pulling madness I have endured trying to put everything together. Keep in mind that I’m not the most normal easy going person in the world and preparing for and hosting a fancy Christmas meal with crazy kids trying to wreck it all is quite a lot for me to handle.

We started the week off on the right foot of course, Sofia and I had a Starbucks date which was supposed to be followed by some last minute shopping but the incident of spilled hot chocolate E V E R Y W H E R E  stopped us right in our tracks (look closely below at the floor and her clothes which were soaked). This meant that we had to go on a separate day with the entire family, including the cranky baby who needed a candy cane to sit still in the car and eventually fell asleep at an unfortunate time of the afternoon.


The falling asleep at an unfortunate time led to the chaotic disarrangement of a certain someone’s sleeping schedule, leading to an even earlier wake-up than usual. In case anyone wonders what people do at 5:45 am, this is it:


Thank you Phoenix for a lovely morning.

Let’s switch things up a bit and take a look at the progress of individual members of the family towards the Christmas preparations.

Ernest and Phoenix did what they both do best….




I shouldn’t exaggerate, Ernest also cooked quite a bit for the Christmas menu.

Moving on to yours truly, as usual I wanted to make way too many things and nearly drove myself crazy. Thank goodness I had the sweetest helper in the world assisting as my sous chef.


Pictured above is what is now our favourite cookie recipe, Macademian Brittle Cookies, very similar to a crunchy toffee. Below are the not yet finished rum-balls and some delicious and already half consumed eggnog I made.


Once again I had to aspire to make a yule log (I wish I had documented the first yule log I made 2 Christmas’ ago and the hell joy I experienced screwing it up) which once again did not work out for me at all. This is why I made my husband take pictures of the crazy process in hopes that next Christmas I will remember why I should not attempt this again. Ever.


Note that this looks much better in the pictures than in real life and remember that a lot of chocolate topping will cover up the completely broken mess of a  thing yule log.



Thank you photoshop for making amateur wanna-be bakers look good, one blur at a time ;)

Also thank god for grandparents being able to come over and spend some time with the kids.


Amidst all the insanity, I really did try hard not to forget what this season is all about. And no I’m not talking about alcohol (which is of course a huge must nice bonus for surviving the holidays) but about these two little angels of mine and all the blessings in my life.


Including another skill I have yet to perfect, that of being able to wrap better than a 5 year old – as my husband so eloquently put it.


The rest of the cooking and baking for Christmas Eve awaits me and so I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

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2 Responses

  1. Asiye

    HAHAHAHA oh my god patricia i wanted to post on your blog How BADDD i am in wrapping just giving you the heads up .. i can really say since last year i found something i am really really bad at in case you haven’t noticed the that already ! but i think i tried improving this year :D !
    This is my favorite post so far i am sure everything will taste amazing even if its covered up :P !
    Now i know what you do at 5 in the morning if i am up and wondering what people do and i also now know why god made babies so beautiful hint”so you don’t resist them when they wake you up” !
    Merry Merry Christmas from my heart to your family !

  2. Anita

    I got the family christmas card today! We LOVE LOVE it! It’s charming and hilarious. Sofia looks so tired in it, probably from colouring all those cards. Thank you again, it is on the fridge and looking lovely!

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