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By Patricia • Family Life • 23 Aug 2013


Does anyone know what special day it is today? What huge milestone is marked by this day in history, August 23? I didn’t think so. It is the official one year anniversary of the birth of my blog. To celebrate this random monumental day, I’ve taken a trip down memory lane and picked some of my favourite (once again way too many) pictures from some of my favourite posts. Since I have over 60 posts, I had to pick and choose, so there are some posts I did not include even though they all hold a special place in my heart. This blog has grown to be more than just about sharing pictures or staying connected with friends and family. It is a huge creative outlet for me, allowing me to document the moments in our lives (the good, the bad, the funny and the unforgettable) that I never want to forget.

Also, to get everyone involved, Sofia and I are doing a little give-away. This is mainly for our close family and friends since it’s a very personal give-away. We ask that everyone share their favourite blog post from this past year as well as a detailed explanation as to why it means something to you, in the comments at the bottom. We will read through them and choose a winner who will receive a special personalized package as a thank you from our little family.

So, without further ado, here is a tiny fraction of some of the most heart touching moments of this past year, as documented by Artisan Mom.

Phoenix’s first real illness after our trip to Paris – The Beginning.


All My Loving

Our crazy jarring adventures!


Last exams, Phoenix’s first steps and many more milestones!


Our reunion with my aunt from Germany, and visiting with mica and micu.


Our best friend Gordy getting tortured by Phoenix.


Phoenix getting to the real issues of his missing boobies.


Winding down the end of the summmer.

Preparing for Halloween and Phoenix trying to eat our scary pumpkin.


Decorating for fall on a budget.


The awesome train cake we made to celebrate my baby boy’s first birthday!


Back to Canada and stuck in limbo for a month after I got sick.


How my kids run the house.


Even miracles take a little time.


My husband’s birthday!

How our amazing friends came to our house, dressed up for Halloween and hid throughout the rooms so the kids could experience trick or treating in Europe.


Celebrating the best 5 years of my life, our wedding anniversary.


A look at how not to take pictures for homemade Christmas cards and the craziness that entails our family :)


Phoenix’s first real experience with a Christmas tree.


Sofia’s first time getting her blood taken and how amazing she was!


Hosting our first Christmas party. So sad that we won’t be there to celebrate with our friends again this year.


The crazy snowstorm that had us snowed in and how we kept our spirits up!


The Christmas market, link to above post.


Baking for Christmas Eve and my yearly battle with the %&#$%@# yule log!


A beautiful Christmas with my family.

Practising some faith for the year to come, New Year’s Eve!


Getting ready for our vacation to Costa Rica and escaping the winter blues!


My little chef and I baking and cooking together on a beautiful Sunday.


Sibling love.


Our spring fashion show.


Our amazing vacation to the beautiful jungle of Costa Rica. Here is the link under trips to all of the Costa Rica pictures.


How we unplugged after a long and busy week.


Finding beauty during hard times.


Our fun filled weekend adventures.


And some delicious baking, also linked in the picture above.


Our trip to the gorgeous Lavender Festival.


And the delicious raw, vegan cheesecake I made out of the lavender flowers.


Adventures to Niagara Falls.


Celebrating some special birthdays.


Lastly, our new home in Poland and the adventures that are yet to come!


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2 Responses

  1. ioan

    Chiar daca toate pozele sint super, momentele surprinse au o semnificatie aparte, fiecare dintre ele. Pentru mine, in special cele cu Sofia sint cele mai deosebite.
    -The jarring adventure: The best commercial for becoming…home made vegetarian! Why? Sofia’s smile, her beautiful eyes and good soul!
    -I remember when Gaby was (I wanted to say …here, hm, I am in England you in Poland and that was in Timisoara) …
    - Caposul de Phoenix (sper sa nu fie incapatinat ca Micu cind a fost de virsta lui)…
    -Btw Ernest that picture of you running with that … thing flying behind you looks like a scene from a horror movie only the sky would have been more cloudy…
    -Wedding aniversary… NO COMMENT!
    -Your baby boy! (and my grandson!) if I remember well Sofia was quite stubborn when was very young too, so… he can change.
    -Si din nou Sofia… vazind lumina reflectata in vitrina si chipul Sofiei …. cred ca Sofia este mai stralucitoare!!!!!
    -Apropo Paty am mincat si eu din @#$@ yul log ala!? Ca nu imi amintesc…
    -In the picture you posted I can only see your little chef, I suppose you are in the background…
    -Sibling love si urmatoarea trebe pastrate …Phoenix’s love for books is remarkable as well as Sofia patience and good soul (one more time!)
    - Nu sint sigur daca am …got that right! but in the…unplugged picture the two of you look like you are in an aquarium… cu bule de aer in jur…
    -The lavender festival looks indeed gorgeous and you know why? Because of the brunette girl (my girl!) and the blonde boy (my grandson!) in an blue field (…which btw… is not mine!!!)
    -Frumoasa poza de la Niagara…postcard!!!!
    Micu va iubeste dragii mei!!!!

  2. ioan

    “Oh no, not again!”-Perfectly said by Sofia.
    However, along came Artisan Mom.
    One post after other unfolds your family life. Each post is a surprise for me and brings me close to you and your sparkle.
    I like all the posts. Tough to pick one.

    The choice is “Flying”.
    Pictures reveal a peaceful day and the sincerity of the words describe your family:
    four happy people enjoying a quiet day at the end of summer.
    I can feel the closeness, devotion and love for each other.
    My wish for Artisan Mom – Keep in all the posts the same great creativity, sincerity and strong sense of humor.
    Congratulations for you and your team – Ernest, loving fan; Sofia, pretios, ingenuous helper and Phoenix………..Well keep his cuteness away from delete button.
    I am looking forward to next post and cheers to many more.
    Love Mica.

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