Spring Fashion Show

By Patricia • Family Life • 26 Mar 2013


Welcome to our first addition of the Fashion Show Extravaganza. With my daughter being the diva extraordinaire of style and inventions, I am quite surprised that it took this long for a fashion show post to finally emerge. So without further ado I will allow Sofia, the fashionista, to walk you through the latest in spring fashion for 2013.

The first piece is something she put together for her daily trips to Brazil (aka monkey town). The weather has been quite cold in Brazil this spring with scattered showers throughout the day, but Sofia made sure to accessorize her pink umbrella with the rest of her outfit. And just in case you’re wondering, those white sparkly earmuffs serve a dual purpose: a telephone for keeping in touch with your loved ones (“Mom, I’m in Brazil, the weather here is cold, I’ll be home soon, miss you and love you”) as well as keeping those ears warm in this cold spring weather.


Of course the handsome, blue eyed, heart-throb himself couldn’t resist being part of our fashion show. Hands off ladies, he’s still a mama’s boy ;)


Leonardo DiCaprio’s got nothing on this dashing future star.


A more contemporary piece from the H&M collection, rainbow leggings.


I also managed to make an appearance and show off my new spring look – jacket, pants, shoes, and purse, all courtesy of my wonderful mother. Also note the original Asiye painting lurking in the background :)


To end, Sofia would like to demonstrate the various looks that can go with wearing a purple tie while sitting underneath an umbrella.

1. The cute peak-a-boo look.


2. The creepy and stalkerish wish-I-could-kill-my-brother-with-this-umbrella look.


3. The beautiful picture perfect sibling love look.


That marks the end of our Spring Fashion Show, and as luck would have it today, on March 26th, the day I wrote this, also the first day of winter.


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4 Responses

  1. mama i tata

    Sofia, super fashion show

  2. Asiya

    I can see not only one model in the future ! she looks amazing as usual on the other hand someone is becoming more and more handsome by the minute bless him, you better watch out with this attitude he is not mamas boy for long :D !

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