The Ant vs. the Grasshopper

By Patricia • Family Life • 26 Aug 2012


A few weeks ago, I told Sofia the fable of the busy ant and the lazy grasshopper. I’m sure everyone remembers how the hard working ant gathered food all summer long in anticipation of a long winter, while the lazy grasshopper sat around and ended up starving once the cold weather hit. In keeping with the mentality of the ant, and also due to the fact that my grandmother had tons of fresh (fully organic grown) and delicious fruits and vegetables, we decided to be busy little ants ourselves.


About two weeks of peeling and cooking tomatoes, cooking our own version of “spicy arrabiata” pasta sauce, sun-drying tomatoes and spicy peppers, making pickles and tomato paste, apple syrup, and cooking plum and apple jams, brought us to the final and most exciting part of jar labeling.



Sofia had a great time helping with the labels and Phoenix helped us in his own special way, by practicing his new hobby of “writting”.


We also made a Cinnamon-Apple Cake, the recipe link will take you to the Wine & Dine section (my first official blog recipe!!). I’m usually not a fan of apple cakes/pies as I find them somehow bland and prefer richer chocolate type cakes, but since we had so many deliciously ripe apples from my grandmother, I decided to give it a try. I adapted a basic apple cake recipe and by adding the cream cheese found that it made for an incredibly moist cake. dscf5893

What made this cake even more special was the fact that Sofia helped, ACTUALLY helped in the entire process. Usually she gives up after 5 minutes of helping and moves on to greener pastures, but this time she assisted in measuring, mixing and tasting (she is after all the Official Tasting Chef) during the entire process. The cake was a huge hit and will definitely make another appearance before the summer’s end.

I must admit that although I enjoy the role of the busy ant, sometimes we need to allow the lazy grasshopper within us to take control. Our pool water is somewhere in the high 20 degrees C which makes it a perfect “bath water” temperature and on such hot days as we’ve been having, it just called out to be enjoyed.


Sofia has learnt how to “swim”, she does a very basic version of the doggy-paddle and can hold her head under water for a few -terrifying- seconds. Phoenix just loves to splash around and sometimes even sit calmly in the little inflatable boat. I try to remind myself even through this scorching heat, to enjoy the last few weeks of the warm rays and early morning sunrises before the cold and long winter months take over.

During the day we also keep busy making “baking soda bubbles” while Phoenix chases poor Gordy around. He has mastered the word “Gordy” by now and he has quite the pointing finger as well.

If the balance between being a busy ant doesn’t get too offset by the temptations of the lazy grasshopper, we will end our long summer days with a family game of Cranium, which has become one of our favourite ways of putting it all together.


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