The Other Side

By Patricia • Family Life • 24 Mar 2013


I will be the first to admit that whenever I hear the sound of Phoenix’s “hurt” cry, my first instinct is to yell “Sofia what did you do”. Although most of the time it is in fact Sofia instigating, annoying or trampling over the poor soul, there are quite a few times when it’s really not her fault at all. Even worse, and this is a direct affirmation of my biased incorrect interpretation of my own child’s cry, Phoenix’s hurt cry is actually more of a whiny why-can’t-I-have-what-I-want type of cry. Somehow I always expect that Sofia being the oldest, should know how to properly play with her younger brother and not make him cry. On the other hand, I think even the Buddha himself would have a close to impossible mission of trying to keep this incredibly needy, attention seeking boy happy.

However this is the opposite of what this post is actually about. Because as much as these two bump heads and fight, they both have a heart of gold when it comes to each other and the people around them. Therefore I would like to illustrate the other side of sibling rivalry.

A few days ago, while taking the morning shift with the kids, I wanted to get a head start on some household cleaning and was really just hoping for about ten minutes of peace to accomplish this. As luck would have it, these two angels read my mind.


They started off by playing some games on their tablet (yes they do have their own personal piece of advanced technology) for about ten minutes.


With some minor position adjustments and a few encouraging “share with him” mottos mumbled from the kitchen, the first stretch of my cleaning had been accomplished.

As I started to vacuum the living room, I realized that Phoenix needed socks. I thought Sofia would put them on him and told him this, but she had just ran to the bathroom. So I started trying to put his socks on, only to be met by his argumentative whines and finger pointing in the bathroom direction, which I quickly understood the meaning of. We waited until Sofia got back and then he calmly let her put his socks on.



For the next twenty minutes I was able to vacuum, dust and tidy up the entire downstairs while Sofia and Phoenix read to each other.



I’m not sure if I should mention that the rest of the day went in a completely different direction, but at least they have these few memories to look back on ;)

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  1. mama i tata

    Niema jak para ladnych skarpetek.

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