The Spark

By Patricia • Family Life • 23 Sep 2012


Today we had an early celebration for Phoenix’s 1st birthday. I have been a little very emotional lately realizing how fast the time has passed and how much my baby has grown. I am completely fascinated by how intelligent, curious and quick he is. Phoenix has had a spark in his eyes from the moment he was born that continues to grow along with him. He looks at everything with such wonder and a yearning to learn, to put things together, to take them apart. He loves reading most of all and this is an activity that we do together every day. He crawls into my lap and brings me his books and will not let me leave until he decides that reading time is over. He hangs on to every word I read to him and is so quick to remember and point to exactly what I show him. I could talk about him for hours, but I think I should probably get to the pictures which are much more interesting than my emotional babble ;)

Ernest, Sofia and I started making his cake yesterday. We wanted to do something special for him so we decided to make him a train cake.




The cake didn’t turn out exactly like I wanted it to but the smile on Phoenix’s face when he first saw the finished product was enough to re-assure me that we did good.

We had my parents and my grandmother (who shares her birthday with Phoenix) come over for a small pre-celebration day.




I love his hair, reminds me of that 80′s do they had called “flock of seagulls”.


Note the tie, it’s an old one of Ernest’s that we tailored for this specific occasion.


There is so much wonder in those beautiful blue eyes, so much longing to see the world.


Sofia and him played together with his new present. This is another activity he loves, putting the shapes into the corresponding holes. He is getting really good at it and has even learnt how to clap for himself when we praise him with enthusiastic “bravos”.

Also note the stance he has in the first picture below, kneeling on one knee. It’s something he does quite often and that really fits with his personality.


Looking at these pictures really make me feel like he is turning into quite the little man.





He was so excited to see his cake again that he tried to climb out of his seat to grab it as soon as he could. Unfortunately my hot peppers where blocking the locomotive of the train here.


This was the finished product, the decorations were 100% full sugared candy.











I am so incredibly thankful to be able to show my son so many new things, to explore the world with him and watch as he learns and grows. I know his future is full of promise and I cannot wait for him to discover everything there is for him out there, even if my heart cringes just a bit a lot knowing that I will one day have to let him fly.

I love you cuddle bug, I hope you never lose that spark.



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2 Responses

  1. Anita

    That outfit and tie is the cutest thing! He looks like a little gentleman :)

    Happy early birthday baby!!

  2. babcia i dziadzia

    Super zdjecia, tylko szkoda, ze nas tam z wami niebylo.Nie mozemy uwiezyc, ze z Phonixa taki duzy chlopiec.Jestesmy dumni z naszych wnukow.

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