Transcending Time

By Patricia • Family Life • 1 Sep 2013


Just a short walk from our house is a beautiful little (huge actually) open-air village museum. As our first sightseeing trip in our new city, we decided to venture on over and see what it was all about.


The museum itself is actually composed of many “mini historic villages” portraying the lives of individual families from hundreds of years ago.


The sights are quite beautiful, especially when you add my beautiful family in the picture ;)


This old wood windmill was my favourite exhibit, which is a bit ironic considering my new found allergy to the very product this was used to grind.


Apparently there is no wrong place to do baby push-ups.





I find it very strange that one day people will look back at our pictures with the same melancholic feeling that we get looking at black and white, faded pictures of our ancestors. I think this is a good example of what our pictures will look like to the future generation ;)



There were also animals roaming around, for the kids to chase.



As usual Phoenix tried to feed them with whatever he could pick off the ground, this time it was sticks, and of course the animals were not interested.


There were many little “houses” such as the one in this picture. This was the house of a middle-class, 3 generation family living together, in 3 rooms. A total of EIGHT people lived in here. I can’t imagine living that way, but then again I’m guessing our future generations will say the same thing about our “normalcy”.


There were still more villages to explore, however we ended up getting caught in a mini (since I seem to be on a “mini” spree already!) thunderstorm and we had to race home. My husband decided we should take a short cut which ended up being a dead end street and the short 10 minute walk turned into a 20 minute one. We made it home nonetheless, to our “luxurious” home that only 4 people have to share, and put on a family movie to enjoy before heading to bed. It seems a bit crazy that even though so much has changed and continues to change, one thing remains so constant.


We’ve always shared the same beautiful sunsets.

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  1. ewa

    Ernest od malego nic sie nie zmienil, jak bral short cut ze szkoly to zawsze wracal z co najmniej godzinnym opoznieniem

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