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By Patricia • Family Life • 10 Aug 2013


….the feeling we had when we first saw the place that is now our home. In the past weeks we’ve looked at over a hundred apartments on-line and numerous ones in person as well. Then we saw the picture of this lavender field wallpaper and instantly knew this would be the one. I’m not sure how many people care about lavender fields or even really think about them. In fact I don’t think I’ve ever seen a painting of one before. And as I previously blogged about HERE, Ernest and I have been dreaming about going to Provence and experiencing their beauty for some time now. So the chances to find something like this on a living room wall of a place for rent in the city we just moved to, in Poland – well it seemed like fate. There were actually many other things, more or less everything actually, about this place that fit in perfectly with what we were looking for.


So let’s start the tour! Our duplex is the last one on a dead-end street in an extremely quiet, family neighbourhood surrounded by greenery (another perfect fit!). There is a gate that goes all the way around the front and back yard, with 24 hour video security surveillance, a basement for storage and a garage.


As you walk to the left….


And looking backwards towards the front. The balcony on the left upper corner is from our kitchen.


This is walking to the back of the house.


The other side of the house, with the balcony above the patio being from our living room.


And back to the front again.


The sour cherry tree right next to the garden swing.

DSCF1459 DSCF1457

Delicious rasberries right in the backyard!


And moving on to the inside….


The door where Ernest is standing is the front door, clockwise is the kitchen followed by the bathroom.


The kitchen wallpaper was another sign for us – we love wine and vineyards and this beautiful wallpaper just makes the whole atmosphere of the kitchen.


The flowers on the table were wild flowers picked from down the street, and the little fresh herbs on the windowsill we just bought, are rosemary, basil and oregano. Notice our trusty espresso machine has followed us around the globe and back! ;)


I didn’t like the white cabinets at all at first but after a day or two I’ve actually fallen in love with this whole kitchen. It has such a fresh and crisp look to it!! The only problem is that the white makes my OCD personality go into turbo cleaning mode 24/7.


This is one thing I love about Europeans. The homes being so much more compact than in Canada, space is saved wherever possible. As in incorporating the laundry machine within the kitchen furniture instead of having a whole “laundry room”.


And my favourite part about the kitchen, this built in modern stove. Love it!!!



The kitchen balcony where Ernest and I enjoy our espressos every morning.


The walnut tree from our backyard reaches straight into our kitchen balcony.


As well as this delicious pear tree!


Next room in the hallway is the bathroom, with an actual bathtub (most of the places we saw only had a shower, which is obviously not so great for small children) and a shower on the left side.




This is an organic popsicle soap I bought at the lavender festival in Canada and brought with us to fill our bathroom with its lovely scent.


Our bedroom is next on the list. I love that it’s so simple and clean looking, it has a very relaxing and serene feeling to it.


My husband picked out these sailing themed sheets of course.




Moving on to the living and dining room which Ernest redecorated to have a more feng shui feel to it.


Again I really loved all the white walls, furniture and curtains and the way it gives the room such a fresh look.


And the piece that bring the whole place together is this wall. As well as our well placed yoga mats :) !


I love staring at this wall, and unfortunately the pictures don’t do it justice. It has an overwhelming feel to it that can almost transcend you to another time and place. Notice those two wood tables? So beautiful!!


The balcony that goes all the way around from the side to the front of the house.




Some personal touches.



The last, and of course most important room, Sofia and Phoenix’s.




We went shopping a few days ago and Ernest noticed some cool “posters” on sale so I grabbed a couple. When we got home and put them up, we realized we were actually wrapping up the wall! The kids love them and have no idea about our huge fail, so we kept them.


Sofia brought her beautiful quilt from her awesome ciocia!



And this guy, well he just makes (or breaks) the mood in any room ;)



That is the end of our little tour which has left me (as you can tell by this picture) completely exhausted from all the work.


Even from a distance I think it’s easy to see the beauty of this place we are now lucky enough to call our home.

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2 Responses

  1. ioan

    Vad ca ai slabit foarte tare Paty. Ai grija de tine te rog…

  2. aneta

    Hey,aveti un loc super acolo,i love the photos,hope everything goes well with ur schooling,we miss you,sant deacord cu tatl,ai grija de.tine patri!

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