What I Love Best About Sundays

By Patricia • Family Life • 23 Mar 2013


Last Sunday, Sofia and I decided to spend the day getting back to the basics of baking. Since Phoenix developed atopy we have had to adapt (hide) the way that we eat. It usually goes something like sneaking chocolate in monkey town for Sofia, or Ernest and I engulfing entire egg-containing cookies while hiding in the laundry room. Today we decided to make a delicious dessert that Phoenix could also enjoy.

Enter vegan quinoa brownies. Now I’ve made this recipe before but without the vegan part, so I went on a complete limb hoping that it would work with some major adaptations.


We brought back from Costa Rica 5 lbs of this amazing organic black quinoa (as well as wild rice) which ended up exploding and spilling throughout our suitcase. After some long and tedious sorting, we managed to get most of it out, but had to leave the two grains completely mixed up.


Just a quick side note, this black quinoa is amazing – higher in fiber than regular quinoa, has a really interesting texture and this close resemblance in taste to poppy seeds.



While the brownies were baking, Sofia and I tackled the lunch menu.


Yes, that is Grumpy the dwarf joining in the pepper chopping, which as could have been expected, he was in no way pleased with as his disgruntled nature would have it ;)


On the other hand, we had a panel of tasting judges who were actually easier to please than Randy from American Idol.


And the final result:



Ernest and Phoenix devoured more than half of the entire pan which was a great indication of the brownie’s success.


Lastly, the most important critic of all was of course my assisting chef herself, who’s mouthful of chocolate basically said it all.


I will link this post and add the recipe in the Wine and Dine section in a few days for anyone brave enough to try this almost too healthy yet amazing dessert.


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4 Responses

  1. ioan

    Looks delicious, save a bite for me. You make a great team . :)

  2. mama i tata

    Buzia Sofii pokazuje jakie to bylo dobre

  3. Asiya

    looks like another pro-chief to be in the family ! i guess its the genes :) )!

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